Thursday, December 13, 2012

Sample Sale Report: Charlotte Ronson December 2012

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I stopped by the Charlotte Ronson sample sale over lunch and while they no longer had $10/15 items I was still impressed with the vast selection of merchandise a $20 bill can snag you. All shoes are $20 along with 3 racks full of clothing. 

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You could snag a lace / wool cardigan, a graphic chiffon skirt, silk blouses a plenty, party tanks, a romper or a sweet piped dress. For $30 you find yourself taking home some fun sweater knits or some pajama style pants. At the very bottom of the price scale there were some samples and belts in a couple $5 bins but the  samples definitely have some flaws.
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There was only one $200 item at the sale and it was a lone leather tee shirt that looked pretty hot in size 4.2012-12-12 13.18.522012-12-12 13.19.002012-12-12 13.18.412012-12-12 13.19.342012-12-12 13.20.012012-12-12 13.20.15
$60 can snag you a winter coat in a variety of styles and lengths, a multi colored sweater jackets or vest and some very fun looking party dresses. For $100 you will find fun pieces like embellished tunics and a swingy skirt with a flirty underlayer. You can also snag one of those trendy looking fluro injected sweaters to keep you warm through the winter months.
2012-12-12 13.20.402012-12-12 13.20.48

Last but not least there were a limited number accessories that ranged in price from $5-30. A great sale to stop by still to pick up well priced pieces perfect for yourself or a gift.

Who: Charlotte Ronson Sample Sale
What: Up to 70% off
When: Dec 12-14, 2012. Wed-Fri 10am-7pm
Where: 1071 6th Ave - Suite 301 (b/n 40th and 41st St)

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