Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Sample Sale Report: Vera Wang Bridal

Last night I dropped by the Vera Wang bridal sample sale. It seemed that they had a VIP sale the night before and it was utter madness in the morning but as I shopped it was very quiet with only a few other shoppers accompanied by their loved ones as they scoured the racks looking for that perfect dress. Unlike regular sample sales there was a wide range of sizes I spotted from 4 to 14 but they were not available in every style. Some dresses I spotted one or two of while others were more plentiful at the sale. The majority of styles are A-line cupcake or cupcake with cinched waists and huge skirts with multiple layers of fabric in place to hold the shape of a dress. The dresses themselves were surprisingly heavy for most part but staffers ensured that you take no more than 3 dresses at a time to try on. The unfortunate part is when they offer to take your dresses to the fitting room they don't account for nasty ladies who might like to steal your dress, which happened to me. I spotted dresses from just $600 all the way up to $3000. There was a woman on a megaphone announcing limited time deals including an additional 20% off all dresses for the next 10 minutes or all shoes for $20 (although those satin shoes didn't appeal to anyone). Don't pay much heed to her unless you are actually all set to check out because there is nothing worse than a time pressured shopping decision made on what may be your life's most important fashion decision. The staffers were really nice helping try on dresses, tell you how much alterations you might need and where and even taking pictures for shoppers. Ultimately I didn't end up finding anything but if you plan on going, bring a friend. Better yet, bring two, one to help you look and another to guard your finds.
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Anonymous said...

Are there any standouts at all? Toronto's Vera Wang is actually a renovation sale tomorrow, Monday and Tuesday. I got a sneak peak on Friday and was seriously considering a $1000 gown. But I don't love it, so I decided against it. Like you said, I don't want to feel pressured and buy something that I don't love.

Is another Vera Wang sample sale coming up in May? Is there usually two a year?

Erin said...

There wasn't anything that took my breath away. I saw a few dresses that were very pretty but they just didn't seem very me.

Glad you made the wise decision and walked away.

I think the bridal sale may be just once a year but they have a regular sample sale in May/June I believe!

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