Monday, June 18, 2012

Sample Sale Report: J. Crew

Stopped by the the press preview tonight after work quickly and grabbed some pics of what's up for grabs at the J. Crew sale.  The sale is 2/3 women's and 1/3 mens so not a bad split.  Overall there's quite a bit of merch up for grabs and everything is grouped by type of merchandise (i.e. shirts, pants, Ts, blazers, sweaters) but not by style or size so be prepared for a bit of digging.  

In terms of sizing, tops were for the most part M.  There were a few S and a some L, XL and XS but not in large quantities.  Bottoms were mostly 32 with some other sizes scatted into the mix.  For outerwear and blazers, I noticed a larger range in sizing but not as much in terms of quantity.  Hopefully there will be more restocking throughout the sale.
While looking through the racks quickly, I did notice that some of the merch is from the factory store (i.e. the items were made specifically for outlets/off pricing and while they may have the same cut/base pattern, fabric selection for the most part for these items is a grade below what is sold at the regular retail stores).  Since the factory made pieces are not cheaper, I'd opt for the regular merch.  If you're looking at the J. Crew tag and see two (or three) small diamonds (pictured above) - that signals that the items was factory made.

Now on to some of the merch up for grabs:
Button up shirts are going for just $30 a pop.  There's plenty of plaid, solid colors and a few short sleeve options to choose from.
T's and polo's are both going for $15.  I saw a bunch of solid colored options as well as striped pieces and some graphic T's if that's what you're in the market for.

Sweaters, cardigans and sweatshirts are going for $35.  There were a few cashmere pieces up for grabs which started at $90+.
In terms of bottoms, there were plenty of khaki pants, a few denim pieces, one rack of shorts and one rack of swim trunks.  Denim was $40, dress pants were $70 and shorts/swimwear were $25.
Blazers were going for $110 a piece and there were some great outerwear options including these great utility jackets for just $60.  If you're in the market for a suit - you might be able to pair the slacks with the blazer but finding the right match is up to you.
There was one lone rack of shoes and next to it a bin of ties going for just $15.

If your a fan of J Crew, have some time to go through the merch and are a size Medium/32 waist - it might worth checking out.  Pricing isn't stellar but it's not bad either.

Who: J.Crew
What: Up to 60% off on jewelry, shoes, and dresses for ladies, a few Madewell pieces, and shirts and pants for men.
When: June 19-24, 2012. Tues-Sat 10am-8pm, Sun noon-5pm
Where: 260 Fifth Ave (b/n 28th & 29th St)

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