Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sample Sale Report: Jil Sander

I made my way over to the Jil Sander store in SoHo still half asleep - and was about the 15th person in line .  I got there at 8:05am...a little intense I know - but the last two Jil Sander sales were amazing.  So I decided to sacrifice the comfort of my bed for the prospect of some new threads.  Big mistake. 

This guy was a mad trooper - respect.  He was one of the first people in line with a busted up foot - cast and crutches in tow.  Even though my experienced blew chunks, I hope he found some stuff he liked in the end!
As everyone mentioned, the sale is invite only - but the door policy is pretty much non-existent (i.e. no one is checking for invites).  I ended up making it in the first group of people to be let in and the elevator was rammed so everyone started towards the stairs (this is where living on a 4th floor walk-up comes in handy).  It was actually really funny - you could sense the intensity in the air with everyone trying to look cool composed while trying to move as fast as they could up the stairs without running and looking oh so "un-Jil Sander like" (myself included).  After a quick bag/coat check, everyone gunned it to the back of the showroom where the shoes and bags were being kept. Shoes are now displayed with workers standing behind a ledge who will help you with your size.  The process is much slower than you rummaging through yourself as in previous sales, but it keeps the mess to a minimum.
Once the herd departed from the accessories/shoes I decided to make my way to the back to take a look. Shoes/accessories are 80% off which is pretty sweet - except for the fact that the merch wasn't the greatest. Definitely nothing to get excited over.  According to the sales people, all merch is out so there will be no restocking.

 Menswear and womenswear is priced at 85% off retail - again amazing pricepoints.  Unfortunately again, selection just wasn't up to par compared with previous sales.  There were about 4 racks of coats/blazers/jackets for men along with one measly table of knits.  Some of the knitwear was nice but on the colorful side - which may or may not suit you.  Personally, I'd rather not look like a pumpkin.
A lot of the men's outerwear was made up of quilted/embroidered pieces which was not my cup of tea.  If that's your thing there's a few more options available for you. Even more if orange is your thing.

The above two pieces I actually liked.  The shirt has a detachable collar in neon pink and will set you back $103.50 (retails for $690), and the leather jacket with wool cuffs/detailing (women's) is going for $300 (down from $2,000).

In terms of sizing, menswear was mostly around 48 (about a M) with a few others in the mix. For womenswear, sizing seemed to be either on the smaller side or larger side with little middle ground.

Overall if you're looking for menswear, don't bother with this sale. You'll wait in line only to be greeted with a healthy dose of disappointment.


Anonymous said...

A complete waste of time. Period.

How frustrating to have people line up for 3 hours with scarce amount of merchandise. I know it was our choice, for those who did stay in the line, to withstand the line. But to have 4 people go in every 20 mins?? It really left a sour taste on how Jil sander treats their customers. Can you believe it was officially for friends and family with invites? What a way to treat them.

aliah said...

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shi zhan said...
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