Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sample Sale Report: Club Monaco

I stopped by the Club Monaco sample yesterday and although there was a line of 30 people gathered outside the building on the sidewalk the security guard kept things moving letting people in 5 at a time and I was inside in under 10 minutes.  As per the usual Clothingline sample sale, there is coat check for coats and large bags but I was allowed to keep my small purse to shop.  Unlike other Clothingline sales there are no fitting rooms and not a single mirror to be seen.  This sale requires a friend with a discerning eye and for you to know your size at Club Monaco.  Just about everything is sample size which means a size 6 or medium for women and a size 32 or medium in mens.  I did manage to find a couple items in size small but those are few and far between.
Compared to previous Club Monaco sample sales prices were a bit steeper but the shopping experience was much better as the Clothingline space offered more room to move around than at the Club Monaco offices, plus you now don't have to hike all the way to 11th Avenue.  That said prices are still pretty darn good with nothing tipping $65 and prices starting at just $1 for candle holders.  Most of the accessories were $5-10 although be prepared to dig as there are bins of one-off merchandise to sort through.  Examine your goods carefully because as most of the goods are true samples there may be damages.  Also in the scarf bin alongside lush silk scarves I noticed strips of fabric that looked like they might have been ripped off sample yardage and not actually scarves.
Amongst the blazers I noticed a lot of sequined and silky pajama styles for $40 a pop.  I noticed a lot of ladies and gents sorting their goods on the floor but don't even think about trying anything on because a  Clothingline employee will be there to stop you.  I heard countless people get scolded by the staff.  Although I am not a fan of not being able to try before you buy (especially as it's final sale) it really did get people moving and somehow kept merchandise more orderly.
Jewelry was especially well priced at $5 a pop but I would probably drop by this week's Lee Angel sample sale instead for a better selection of jewelry.  There were lots of cocktail rings, colorful beads, pearl tassel necklaces, vintage look pins and such.
I ended up picking up a few things for myself and a couple things for my mom.  Items I snagged include a $20 cropped 100% silk blouse (actually a stock piece in size small), a $20 lurex striped sweater, a $5 Flower Power Patent Belt, a $20 textured scarf, $20 Italian Cashmere Cowl neck sweater, $20 Italian Cashmere Cardigan.

Honestly where else can you find Italian Cashmere for this price?  Be warned that there is a sign indicating all labels will be marked/cut at check-out but somehow they missed doing this to my items and the labels are fine except for 1 item that already had red pen on the neck.

The sale may require some digging but it's well worth a look.  If you're sample size - don't miss this sale!


Anonymous said...

Oo, I want to go right now! You got great pieces :) What time did you go at? I'm wondering if it'd be easier to go during lunch or after work.

Erin said...

I went there for a super early lunch at 11:30am. Depends how long your lunch is, factor in some digging time :).

Anonymous said...

Thanks for responding, Erin :)
I love this blog~

Erin said...

Aww no problem and thank you <3

Anonymous said...

LEE ANGEL used to be great. now everything you find despite fact broken and from 5 years ago is ..oh that shouldnt have been in the 5 bin its 30! it is so annoying and some of the stuff that was 5 last time is 30

jaylen watkins said...

Thanks for this stuff. Simple one.

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Anonymous said...

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