Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Runway Review: Dior Couture Spring 2012

Dior-Couture-2012-Runway (1)Dior-Couture-2012-Runway (4)Dior-Couture-2012-Runway (5)

The house of Dior still lives with or without the scandal that is John Galliano and in his second couture collection for the house Bill Gaytten has done a marvelous job of capturing the spirit of Dior with so many references to the past without being stuck there. Classic Dior silhouettes that make a woman feel like a woman – like the New Look of 1947 are in abundance but they are made fresh again being whipped together in translucent fabrics.  It’s almost like you’re have X-ray vision into something that from a glance should be very lady-like and the effect is quite provocative.

Dior-Couture-2012-Runway (8)Dior-Couture-2012-Runway (11)Dior-Couture-2012-Runway (12)Dior-Couture-2012-Runway (16)Dior-Couture-2012-Runway (20)Dior-Couture-2012-Runway (22)

One of my favorite pieces is actually this tucked sheath on the very right that almost looks like pattern drafting coming to life with it’s almost muslin color and bold pick stitches.  I guess seeing the art of patternmaking dissected is very appealing to me.  As for color palette the collection was predominantly black, white and nude with a few pops of red and violet. Although monochromatic and without pattern I thought it was the best possible showcase for what Gaytten was trying to achieve.  Bravo for a collection well done.

Dior-Couture-2012-Runway (24)Dior-Couture-2012-Runway (27)Dior-Couture-2012-Runway (31)Dior-Couture-2012-Runway (36)Dior-Couture-2012-Runway (38)Dior-Couture-2012-Runway (40)

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