Wednesday, October 5, 2011

NYFW: The Blonds Spring 2012

The BlondsThe Blonds3The Blonds2

The Blonds was the final show of my NYFW itinerary.  Although, I took things at a bit of a more relaxed pace this season coming back from Sweden and hitting the ground running had me a little weary.  This was a show that would lift my spirits and  make me remember that fashion should be fun.  As I walked into the crowded room at Center 548, it was alive and buzzing with energy.  All of the downtown club kids have made it and each of them wearing a more outrageous outfit than the next.  Soon the woman in the front row with a spire of hair and a Beyonc√©-esque gold dress actually became ordinary looking as a woman waltzed in an outfit that looked barely more concealing than lingerie with a man that had a gun in his hair with shrunken head attached or the fabulous fellow with crinoline and light up Paris head piece or gold toga and finger waved hair entered the room. Everyone present was dressed to impress, stun and electrify your senses.  Celebs like Patricia Field, Robert Verdi, Miss J Alexander and Johnny Weir were among the attendees.

The Blonds 5The Blonds6The Blonds7

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As for the collection it was just as fun. Inspired by the Playboy Bunnies of days gone by. Old school songs by Frank Sinatra's New York New York and the Peggy Lee song, “Why don’t you do right” were amongst the swinging soundtrack to which the Bunnies stormed the runway. Big hair, lots of leg, cat eyeliner and a whole lot of sparkle.  Touches of Playboy Bunny were present everywhere – from sparkly logos to Bow ties, fur puff balls, bunny ears/masks.

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While most of these numbers were not something the ordinary girl could pull off I could see them making a statement on the likes of pop stars like Britney Spears, Beyonce and Lady Gaga.  I have to thank the designers, David and Phillipe Blond, for reminding me that above all fashion should be fun.

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Lindsay said...

God, how I love the Blonds. Always such beautiful pieces to aspire to. I wish I had the lifestyle to actually wear something like that!

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