Thursday, September 29, 2011

Now Wearing...

Hi, it's me Lani. Sorry for the radio silence. I've been on a bit of a whirlwind. The short story is I moved to Chicago to start a new job and new chapter in my life; the full story and a proper outfit post to come when I have proper internet access. I'm currently bootlegging a very weak signal from the corner of my apartment.

Landscape print coat - Timo Weiland
Collared shirt - Neurotica (London)
Rings - Forever 21
Snakeskin bag - Botkier
With no internet, no TV or even no turntables to unwind after work, I decided to attempt ombre nails with teal and black polish. For someone like Erin, this is super easy (exhibit A, ombre nails in 2008 & exhibit B, leopard nails in 2009). For someone like me who usually struggles to paint within the lines, the results are pretty astonishing.
One finger at a time, I started with small globs of black polish on the bottom and used my teal polish to smooth it out. And applying a topcoat helped blend the colors together. I'll admit that I got quite a bit of polish on the sides, but I was able to rub most of it off in the shower. It's really quite easy, so I don't have any real tips other than keeping a piece of paper handy for wiping off the brush to your lighter polish.

I will have proper internet next week, so I'll be sharing photos from Chicago soon!


Jennifer Lawrence said...

Your nails look wonderful! I'm the same with painting my nails, I always seem to get the polish everywhere! Loving the colours :)

Melissa Klotz said...

Chicago! Awesome, good luck in your new chapter :)

Anonymous said...

I love your nails! I'm going to try them myself next week.

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