Friday, May 8, 2009

DIY: Leopard Print Nails

Ever since I painted my nails with leopard spots a couple weeks ago, the compliments are endless. People ask me if I'd gotten them done on a special machine, or if they are some kind of sticker, but really it's just a little patience! At least 3 or 4 strangers a day have been commenting, so I thought I'd share!

Start off doing your nails the same way that you normally would. Lovely base coat (I use OPI Start to Finish), then a fun bright color, I used Essie Shorty Pants.

Next using a bright contrast color (I've used hot pink, MAC's Cuisine) paint little circular shapes on your nail. Make them imperfect and not quite closed all the way. Make sure that you have very little nail polish on your brush to ensure that it won't drip.

Keep going until the circles are a nice irregular pattern allover. Also, don't be afraid if it gets on your skin slightly.

When slightly dry, go back and accent the first set of circles with a dark contrast color (Rimmel's Black Satin) leaving space around to make sure that the base and first set of circles still shows through. It doesn't have to be perfect because that's the charm of leopard print!

Continue and when dry set with a topcoat. So my secret for cleaning up the excess that gets on your skin? When nails are completely bone dry, I usually do this the next day while I take a shower, just lightly scratch off the nail polish on your skin while your hands are wet. Tada! I think the finished result looks vaguely Steven Sprouse like!


issa said...

Ah very cool!!

chibi said...

Your nails look great.
So worth the effort!

gilda said...

hello! thanks for visiting my blog. we need to have another fashion blogger meet! (although i blog so irregularly, i'm not quite considered a fashion blogger, so i'll just put myself in a fashion designer/blogger category!)

i love leopard nails. i used to do them before when i have time. leopard and stripes. of course, now, i sleep when i have time! :D

Dream Sequins said...

That's so awesome! I'm kind of into chav nails at the moment :)

anna-marie said...

amazing!! how long did this take you?x

Anonymous said...

I am SO trying this out!!!

Followed a link you left on my blog and can I just say I love your site!!

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