Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Dockers Designers Collection

Finally got a chance to stop by Bloomingdale's on 59th this past weekend to check out the Dockers Designer Collection. GQ's nominees for "Best New Designer" each had a chance to collaborate with Dockers to create one look to be produced and sold. Instead of having only the winner design a capsule collection (last year it was Billy Reid who created a collection with Levi's), this year all nominees a chance to work with Dockers.

Alexander Wang took home GQ's award this year and kept his look simple and in line with his T line. The utility pants are going for $200 and the T is going for $74.

For a more safari look - Michael Bastian's getup is bang on. The one pocket cargo pants are $200 and the 1/2 button up shirt is $175.

If you're going for a clean look - Miller's Oath has a great pair of cuffed pants ($200) and button up ($150).

If you're into pleats, Patrick Ervell created a pair of pants with tiny pleats at the waist line which are also going for $200 (accompanying shirt is $240).

For a more distressed look - Riviera Club has you covered (pants $200, top $150).

The last look (any my least favorite) is the getup designed by Rick Klotz (Warriors of Radness) - just personal preference I guess. The elastic bottom pants are going for $175 and the windbreaker is $175.

Overall, while I like the majority of the pieces - I think the pricing is a bit peculiar. Everything in the Dockers collection is priced relatively on par with each other - but when you look at the each of the designer's namesake collections, there is a definite divide in terms of price point (i.e. Michael Bastian being the highest and Warriors of Radness being the lowest). Also - A Wang's basic Ts retail for about $75 which is the same price as the dockers collab which again I find strange...

If you want to check out the pieces in person - head over to Bloomingdale's on 59th and Lexington.

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