Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Lucky Brand's Denim Jean-ius Contest for FNO

A few weeks before Fashion's Night Out, Erin and I were invited to participate in Lucky Brand Denim's Jean-ius Contest alongside with other bloggers like Denimology, Midtown Girl, and Fashion Pulse. We were challenged with crafting something using all of the supplies provided at least once - a pair of denim pants, embroidery thread, patches, buttons, safety pins, glitter, puffy paint, twine, permanent marker and only a couple of our own supplies.

Erin's Denim Top
Erin wanted to create something that incorporated what is beautiful in pair of jeans but create something new. She worked on her project while she was on vacation in Stockholm. There she visited Skogskyrkogarden Cemetary and noticed the how the flowers glowed brightly against the serene environment and tried to recreate that effect with denim. Since denim is naturally serene, she used pops of playful color to create cheer.

Lani's Denim Shorts
I tried to create something that I would actually wear. Lately I've been wearing a lot of printed bottoms, so I decided to make denim cut offs and decorate them with the supplies provided. I originally wanted to use the embroidery thread to create a print, but in a time crunch, I decided to use the puffy paint to create a pattern and the thread to create a loosely braided belt. I used the rest of the supplies to decorate the coin pocket and one of the back pockets.

Sugar Rock Catwalk team effort

Fashion Pulse's Denim Bag

Midtown Girl's Denim Top

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