Monday, July 4, 2011

The Phyto Universe Experience


A couple weeks ago I was invited to visit Phyto Universe in the for a complimentary hair treatment. To be perfectly honest it was my first such experience and I really didn’t know what to expect. I was told the appointment would take approximately 90 minutes and I couldn’t even imagine what would involved in that time frame. Generally speaking I am quite low maintenance about my hair and spend probably under 5 minutes styling it each day. I know that I probably should spend more time on my hair because it frames the face. A great head of hair can add a bounce in your step and make you feel confident and beautiful. For a woman, hair can be your crown of glory or your most often battle foe.

Upon my arrival to the spa I instantly felt transported from the bustling streets of Manhattan to an instant oasis of calm. The 3000 square foot vertical garden instantly caught my attention and invited me to leave my daily troubles behind. I learn that Phyto distinguishes itself from other hair care lines by not just caring for hair but as a treatment for hair and scalp to rebalance the scalp and hair ecosystem and stimulate micro-circulation, regulate sebum production and rejuvenate hair. In total over 700 plants are found in Phyto’s formulas and at the Phyto Universe you are given access to all of them – the full range of product is available in one location.


After a quick change into a robe, I am invited to sit down for a scalp analysis. I’ve had one done before during The Royal Treatment event at Style Coalition Lounge, so I was prepared for the worst. Your scalp is magnified by 200xs to reveal the real condition of your scalp and hair from root to tip.


My analysis revealed product build up at the root, an oily scalp with dry patches and very dry ends. I am led to a semi-private cabin and given a seat while a tray full of almost medicinal products is set up. The appearance if not for the soft towel would be almost clinical as I receive an education in caring for my hair.


The first step of caring for your hair? Exfoliation. Using a large paddle brush my scalp is carefully brushed for a couple minutes. My technician Ronald recommends focusing on the scalp and not the ends and doing this every time before washing your hair. His reasoning is that it readies your body for a shower, exfoliates and re-distributes the natural oils. Plus since hair is dry, it’s the best time to brush it.


Since hair and scalp can have different issues, each is addressed and treated separately. Vials of Huile d’ales a pre-shampoo intense hydrating oil treatment are used first and I notice that the fragrance is extraordinary. Essential oils of sage, lemon, rosemary, juniper berry, caster oil, oat amino acids and wheat proteins are combined to create a potent scalp stimulating mixture that also offers aromatherapy as a bonus effect. A second treatment of Phytosquame is applied to my scalp and I am given a gentle scalp massage before being gently steamed for the oils to penetrate. It has many of the same ingredients except it’s in a different base.


Since this is a true spa experience one interesting thing to note is that you never ever have to leave your seat once you are inside the semi-private cabin. The Steamer comes to you as does the sink! As I am left alone to enjoy the benefits of the steam, I can feel the oils penetrating my scalp and the scent of eucalyptus filling my senses.

The next step is to wash my hair with 2 different shampoos, Phytonectar and Phytheol Intense. Each shampoo is left on for a minute to allow the botanicals to go to work. Apparently the botanicals are activated by water and the lather of the shampoo contains these active botanicals. It’s important even when you wash your hair at home to warm your product in your hand for a couple seconds instead of applying directly to your head and to allow the product to sit for a minute. My technician gently explains each process as it happens so that I am fully aware of what is happening to my hair.

Now that my scalp has been treated, my hair is treated separately with Phytokarite hair mask for a few minutes and my ends moisturized with Phythosesame which contains sesame oil and has a slight chocolate scent thanks to the cocoa butter.

My hair is then carefully blown out with minimal product to showcase the natural beauty of my hair. My hair is soft beyond belief to a point where I have to ask myself is this really my hair? It feels light and bouncy, almost like a young child’s head of hair.


Since I am curious, I asked to see the difference with my scalp and hair after the treatment. The product build up is gone, the skin around the follicle is open and my hair still smells amazing. Since I am told that the botanicals are going to continue to work a couple days after the treatment, I don’t touch it and find that I actually have some of the best hair days of my life. Now I understand why both men and women boost their confidence by taking the time to treat their hair. Even 2 weeks later I can tell that the treatment has changed the texture of my hair and it feels smoother and softer than it previously was. It’s kind of like a facial for your hair and scalp minus the painful extractions! Thanks Phyto and to my wonderful technician Ronald for such a wonderful afternoon and for reviving the beauty of my hair.IMAG0890

Phyto Universe - 715 Lexington Avenue at 58th St - 212.308.0270


Debie said...

omg erin your hair looks great in that last shot! I love that length on you :)

L said...

Wow, it looks great! I had never heard of this treatment, but I think I need it too!

Shelly said...

wow! total pampering!

Phyto Shampoo said...

Wow!I had never heard this treatment either! it seems awesome!

Phyto Shampoo

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