Monday, June 20, 2011

Sample Sale Report: Simon Spurr + SPURR

So when I found out about this sale last week, I was stoked - Simon Spurr makes amazingly crafted and constructed garments and I missed the sale last time around. There was no way I was letting this one pass me by so I booked a "personal" day off work. Shopping is personal right? On second thought, don't answer that please...

I arrived around 10 in the morning and was glad the space wasn't too crowded. The sale is extremely neat and organized by style and size. Denim is on one wall, Ts on another, suits/shirts/outerwer on another, prototypes on the fourth wall and knits and ties laid out in the middle on a table. There's one big mirror set up and one small section curtained off for you to try things on (one at a time).

Prices are clearly marked - denim was $75 (SPURR)/$125 (Simon Spurr), Ts were $25 (SPURR)/$40 (Simon Spurr), and polos were $35 (SPURR). Sweaters ranged from $75-$150 for SPURR pieces and $250 for Simon Spurr. Button up shirts were $75 (SPURR)/$125 (Simon Spurr). Scarves and hats were both $150 a pop.

Denim was arranged by size and there was a decent range of sizes. Most of the styles are either slim fit or bootcut and mostly came in dark indigo with a few other colors. There were plenty of basic Ts in a range of sizes and colors (crew neck, v-neck, v-neck w/oversized pocket, and polos). If I didn't already have a bajillion plain T's I definitely would have picked up a few of these!

The middle tables housed the knits and accessories. The pricing of the sweaters for the SPURR line are based on the label type - the "older" label pieces are 1/2 the price of the "newer" labels. The majority of what I saw were the newer lables (i.e. newer merch).

There was one rack of shirts available - mostly in various stripes under the SPURR label. There was one Simon Spurr button down in oversized plaid available but in limited sizing (mostly size 17). Part of the reason why I love both of these lines are that I love the shirts. The majority of shirts have spread collars which I prefer aesthetically over traditional collars.

Outerwear, suiting and leathers are individually priced. There were a couple of suits available and one style of dress pants ($180 - in size 33 and 35).

There were a couple of leather pieces - both of which were amazing and priced around the $375 mark. The washed taupe biker jacked with ribbed cuffs was probably my favorite (only available in M). There was also an amazingly soft black lamb jacket which had a mesh lining for around the same price.

Other outerwear options include a couple of cotton based jackets which were going for $250-$272. The piece on the right is from the current spring collection and currently retails for full price at Bloomingdales. In general for most of the outerwear, most of the sizing is M with a few other sizes scattered into the mix. There was also a denim jacket for $100 (all XL).

There were also two racks of prototype merchandise - i.e. true samples! Quite a few of the pieces had no tags or size indication but were almost all size M (my best guess). Spurr items from this section were going for $100 and were mostly made up of outerwear including some wool pieces which is a steal. Simon Spurr sample pieces were going for $200 a pop and again were mostly made up out of outerwear (including winter items).

Selection of ties at just $30 a piece

When all was said and done, I ended up with a couple shirts for work - the piece on the right is an incredibly light weight cotton - great for those uber hot days. If you're a fan of Simon Spurr it's definitely worth checking out even if it's a bit off the beaten path location wise. The sales people also noted that they will be restocking later today!

Who: Simon Spurr + Spurr
What: Deep discounts on great menswear peices
When: June 20-23, 2011. 9am-6pm
Where: 210 11th Ave - Suite 903 (b/n 24th & 25th St). 212.796.5431 x 12

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