Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sample Sale Report: nOir Jewelry

Stopped by the nOir Sample sale after work today.  I almost forgot that in order to find the sale you have to enter an elevator on street level that’s under a red awning.  It smells mildly of fish and is quite slow moving but soon you’ll find yourself at the showroom greeted by friendly staff that require a mandatory coat check.  Wallets and cell phones only.

The sale was moderately busy when I stopped by but no pushing here.  Instead you’ll find everyone silently milling through bins filled with jewels in plastic baggies and collecting them in wooden trays provided for your shopping eases. No matter your price range, this sale ranges from $2-100.  However keep in mind that you get what you pay for.

nOir-Sample-Sale-April-2011 (1)nOir-Sample-Sale-April-2011 (13)

On the low end of the spectrum $2 will get you a belt in a bin full of chain snake belts (ideal for a Medusa costume perhaps?) or you can find little stamped earrings or necklaces in bronze or pewter tones.  Nothing particularly exciting but it is only $2 afterall.

nOir-Sample-Sale-April-2011 (4)nOir-Sample-Sale-April-2011 (18)nOir-Sample-Sale-April-2011 (8)nOir-Sample-Sale-April-2011 (6)

Budget a little bigger? You can find $10 necklaces that are mostly of the flower power variety, $10 crazy plastic bracelets or even a few pairs of $10 shoes (2 pairs of size 36, 1 pair of size 39).

nOir-Sample-Sale-April-2011 (9)

$15 will get you Keith Haring pins or cufflinks.

nOir-Sample-Sale-April-2011 (19)nOir-Sample-Sale-April-2011 (5)nOir-Sample-Sale-April-2011 (23)nOir-Sample-Sale-April-2011 (3)nOir-Sample-Sale-April-2011 (12)nOir-Sample-Sale-April-2011 (11)

Once you hit $20/25 that’s when the real fun begins. $20 will get you a many a pair of earrings including these sweet dagger/crystal numbers. $20 or $25 will also get you a variety of small clutches or purses. $25 will also get you some blinging cocktail rings or a sword ring.  Beware of the sample sale kitty who allowed herself to be pet by some but took a swat as a shopper dug through the ring bins.  Ring sizes vary from 5-10, but are concentrated in the size 6,7,8 categories.

nOir-Sample-Sale-April-2011 (14)nOir-Sample-Sale-April-2011 (21)

nOir-Sample-Sale-April-2011 (15)nOir-Sample-Sale-April-2011 (10)

As for bracelets from Spring 2011, I spotted some cute ones starting at $30 but the crystal variety is priced at $50 and if you’re in the mood for a serious cuff be prepared to shell out $75.  I spotted some Spring 2011 earrings for $40 and most of the famed 2-finger/pyramid rings were priced at $50.

nOir-Sample-Sale-April-2011 (7)nOir-Sample-Sale-April-2011 (20)

My fave pieces of course were at the top tier of the sale pricing with animal rings at $75 a pop and pieces from the Gotham nOir collection including this crazy nail ring at $100.  While I walked away empty handed, many a lady had entire trays filled with sparkly merchandise.

nOir-Sample-Sale-April-2011 (17)

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