Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sample Sale Report: Jil Sander

As soon as I found out about this sale I literally bolted from my desk and made my way down to Soho. The sale is neatly organized with men's and women's RTW, accessories and shoes all at 80% off retail. While there are no changerooms there are a few mirrors

Pinstriped dress shirt with white collar - $86
For men, there are a few wool suits, some wool jackets, blazers, dress shirts, jeans and some sweaters/Ts. The bigger ticket items (suints, jackets, blazers) will run you about $400 or less (down from about $2,000). Shoes ran about $150-$200 for men (were $700-$900). Sizing is pretty broad across the spectrum but I'm not sure how long that will last (medium sizing for shirting seems to be the most sparse).

Geometric shape T - $33
Dress shirts will hover between $80-$100 (down from $400-$500). Some of the more affordable items to snag include Ts which come out to $33 (there are only two styles and they come in L-XXL but they run small) and skinny ties which will also set you back about $30. I ended up grabbing a shirt for work and a couple T's that reminded me of the Flinstones with the geometric prints!

Another $33 geometric shape T

I didn't have time to scope out the women's section but there were some amazing bags up for grabs - all at 75% off. I saw a lot of people going for the bags so my guess is that they won't last too much longer!

Note: I'm not sure if this sale is open to the public so if you make the trek out, please note that you might not be able to get in. When I arrived, I was asked to show my invite. I pretended to scramble through my bag to pull out my imaginary invite and ended up saying that I left the printout on my desk at work. That did the trick and the security guard let me pass. PHEW!

Who: Jil Sander
What: Up to 80% off on past-season clothing and accessories
When: April 20-22, 2011. April 25-30, 2011. 10am-6pm Daily.
Where: 8 Crosby St, 4th Floor (b/n Howard and Grand St)

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