Sunday, February 13, 2011

Farah Angsana Fall 2011

So we've been to Farah Angsana for the past number of seasons and the clothes have always been demure, elegant and beautiful.  This season marked a change from all of that.  If the music thumping from the DJ booth was any indication we were in for a change.  Hip shaking world beats in combination with a mysterious warm breeze made me feel as though I was on vacation from my ordinary New York City life.  I found myself relaxing and all the pressures of the day melting away.  And soon after I found myself wanting to get up and dance.


The first look that sashayed down the runway was a super luxe fur coat to music that I think was from Kill Bill. Pretty covered up until the model hit the end of the runway and the fur coat came off in a dramatic fashion revealing a tiny sparkling little swimsuit.  It was a clear message that things were going to be different, things are going to be a sexier and bolder than ever before.


There was a Bond girl sort of appeal to the clothing that was further played up by sexy masks over the eyes of several of the looks. Micro mini lengths, flowing skirts with thigh high slits or mermaid effects also played into the look.  Ms Angsana also brought “Sexy Back” with beautiful plunging backs that are sure to stop men dead in their tracks.


I also appreciated the less sharply tailored pieces that screamed more daytime spy.  Especially the piece that has a cape tailored over sleeves.  So covered up but so seductive.  The in keeping with the bold new silhouettes predominant color story was black, silver/grey,gold, cobalt, chocolate and siren red.


The rest of the show was high energy and dress after gorgeous dress had me thinking that Farah Angsana is about to become a red carpet fave.  There was a dress for Beyonc√©, a dress for even Ms Britney Spears and plenty of other concoctions in between.

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