Monday, December 6, 2010

Sample Sale Report: Charlotte Ronson

So when I stopped by Charlotte Ronson on Friday, it was supposed to be the last day of the sample sale. I find it unusual that the racks still seem full and there isn’t very much traffic even though it’s lunchtime. I am a bit baffled, then I look over at the price list and notice that the prices are a bit higher than previous sample sales. Previously you could find past season merchandise for as low as $15, but today the lowest price is $30. While it is a bit of an increase, it is still substantial savings on Charlotte Ronson’s adorable merch. Prices have already been slashed once.

Generally speaking the merch runs from about $30 for blouses to $190 for a wool coat. Although there are 3 bins for $20 a pop which include only a few pairs of sample shoes (size 9), damaged merch and factory samples. Slips are $5 a pop.

As per usual there is a cheaper room that also holds a table of shoes. There are more shoe sizes in the back and staffers are glad to help you out. Shoe sizes run from 6-11.

Also different from previous sales is a large table of sweaters that are selling for $70 each.

You can find plaid shirts for $30.

An on trend army shirt/jacket for $70. There is a bird print that is a bit reminiscent of Miu Miu in several items including sleeveless blouses for $30 to dresses for $110.

Who: Charlotte Ronson Sample Sale
What: Up to 70% off on Fall 2010 merch. Long wool coats $200 (as $550), deep V-neck sweaters\ $80 (was $175), over-the-knee boots $120 (was $350)
When: December 1-3, 2010. Wed-Fri 10am-7pm.
SALE EXTENDED December 6, 2010. Monday, 10am-7pm
Where: 1071 6th Ave (b/n 40th & 41st St) Suite 301. 212-789-9606

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