Friday, December 3, 2010

Sample Sale Report: Botkier December 2010

Final Update! Shoe pricing added and all of the pictures are up.

UPDATE: Stopped by my apt real quick so I added more photos but even more to come!  I gotta run back out for a bday party! xo.

I literally ran to the Apple Store in Soho so I could give you all the 411 on the Botkier Sample Sale!
The Botkier Sample Sale is AMAZING right now! Maybe it's the eye of the tornado, but it was the perfect calm during my shopping trip. Not too many shoppers, everything perfectly organized. Friendly staffers ready to lend you a hand. Plenty of room in the wall mirrors to scope out your purchases. And finally something that I didn't think I would witness after the VIP night – Sample bags and loads of them!  Turns out that staffers held off on releasing all of them until today and they still may have a few more to be released tomorrow!

Botkier Sample Sale9Botkier Sample Sale10

As, I’ve mentioned in previous Botkier Sample Sale coverage the sample section mostly involves a random mix of purses, sometimes in one-off colors that never made it to production.  These samples are usually in great condition and sold at great prices.  As with all handbag purchases make sure you test out all the zippers. Apparently the true samples that were released during VIP night vanished within 2 minutes!  But for today,  the sample table is laden with goodies including a football looking bag for $75, a denim colored leather Beck Satchel for $150, a gold tone Hugh for $95 (this one almost came home with me) and much more.   You might even have a better selection than the VIPs thanks to staffers.

Gifting options are plentiful with python look and metallic leather wallets for just $50!  The price list shows some items were $25, but I can’t seem to spot any of these around the cash.  I’m sure they went quickly.
Botkier Sample Sale12

Sexy shoes are plentiful and range in size from 6-11. I am told that what is left in sizes depends on the shoe. Watch out for the sexy Anya sandal ($175). The Holden boot($250) in black/brown is amongst the most popular styles at the sale.  The Tina sandal is $175 vrs the $300 they are on sale for on the Botkier website.  Flats and sandals start at just $100, shootie/ankle boots are $175-200 and knee high/tall boots are $250 for flat or medium heels and $275 for the high heels.  I also spot the Marni Boot with multiple zippers that I saw Monica Botkier personally wear a couple sample sales ago.I had promised myself to start carrying smaller bags.  So my rule going into the sale was small bags only.  I was originally looking for a Trigger Mini Moto (that I have been wanting for years) but unfortunately save for 1 yellow bag, they were sold out. However, the bag that caught me off guard was the Ava crossbody in Metallic Python finish.  Metallic + Python = Perfection. I had saw it online and thought it was cute but in person it knocked me off my feet and had me get my credit card out of the wallet. The Ava crossbody will cost you $200. Le sigh...I was so trying to be good after London! But this is the perfect weekend and everyday glam bag.

But seriously RUN don't walk because the samples won't last! Plenty of stock merchandise for $125-$295.
SHOPPING TIPS for a Botkier sample sale:  To prevent hoarders there is a 4 item at a time rule.  Don’t carry too many items or you will be asked to put some down. If you remember to check-in on Four Square they will hook you up with at 10% off discount at the cash.  Remember to hit up the ATM and bring cash for tax free purchases.
For more pictures checkout the slideshow!

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