Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Trends: Summer Leather

Celine Spring 2010, Yves Saint Laurent Spring 2010
For Spring 2010, leather was allover the runway. While leather never really goes out of style, it seems to have evolved into new forms of casual dress.

Hermes Spring 2010, Balenciaga Spring 2010
Thanks to Phoebe Philo's Spring 2010 Celine collection, I have never wanted a leather t-shirt so bad. Clean lines in a slick unexpected material look so perfectly modern and minimalist. At Balenciaga, leather thrown into school girl kilts looked perfectly good girl gone bad. And while leather shorts are nothing new, the way it's been paired with neutral tone basics makes leather look day wear acceptable, light and summery.

While leather is now tissue thin and somewhat breathable, I still have a difficult time taking the plunge as something to wear now. I've seen adorable leather t-shirts at Theory, Lani's loving pleather shorts at Rachel Rachel Roy, Timo Weiland had amazing perforated leather tanks, and Veda has a variety of leather tank & short options.

No doubt the look is adorable but in New York City this summer has seen weeks on end where the asphalt hit 100+ degrees Farenheit (or 37+ degrees Celsius) and humidity makes a girl find ways to sweat while standing still, I've had difficulty wearing anything but the sheerest jerseys or cottons.

As more and more summer leather hits the shelves, the question remains, would you wear summer leather?

ChloƩ Spring 2010, Michael Kors Spring 2010

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