Thursday, August 12, 2010

NY Sample Sale Report: Lauren Merkin

One of our wonderful readers sent us a very detailed note about the Lauren Merkin sale - thank you, Kelsey! It sounds like this sale would be great for any Lauren Merkin as prices are discounted and there are colors that aren't available online. Read Kelsey's sample sale report below:

Went to the Lauren Merkin sale yesterday after work, and for a second day it seemed they still had a lot of good stuff left. Most of the larger handbags were still over 200 dollars, but some styles, like the Astrid and a few smaller side bags, were under 200. There were multitudes of clutches in a variety of styles and colors. I would say they ranged from $60 - $100+. There were three bargain bins that had bags around $50, however most of them looked like prom clutched or were in odd grandma fabrics. I also saw many canvas totes for around $20 bucks. Lastly, I was disappointed at the wallet selection. I really wanted a zipper wallet, but they only had a handful in a small container by the register.

Overall, most bags and clutches you see on the website are going to be at this sale, but some are in colors that you don't see online.

Who: Lauren Merkin’s Summer Sample Sale
What: Bags, clutches and accessories are available at up to 70% off. Be sure to stop by and stock up because this opportunity only comes around three times a year.
When: Aug 10-14, 2010. Tues-Fri 11am-7pm, Sat 11am-4pm
Where: Lauren Merkin Showroom, 231 West 29th St, Suite 201 (b/n 7th and 8th Ave). 212 239 2459
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