Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Big K gets Stylish?

I don't know about you guys but when I picture K-mart, I can't get some of the negative connotations behind the store out of my mind. Linoleum beige floors, unflattering fluorescent lighting, mysterious wet substance on the floor, jogging pants but in a bad way. Yes, I know it's the K-mart of the early 90s in Canada and probably not representative of what you all know! I've since checked out K-mart in NYC and definitely been surprised at the changes in the store but still fashion is the last thing that crosses my mind. But if Target and even Walmart are making/attempting to get in the designer high-low game why not Big K too?

Well according to they are well on their way with the recent recruitment of "designers from the trenches of Gap, Ralph Lauren, Club Monaco, and elsewhere. (The senior designer apprenticed at Yves Saint Laurent!)". With this kind of pedigree behind them, what can we expect to be hitting the shelves come Fall 2010? "Staple items such as a military-inspired A-line peacoat; a fitted, zip-detailed bomber jacket; and a skinny cargo pant, as well as more daring pieces, like a cropped faux fur vest". Most items will be under the $50 mark while nothing will top $100. I'm def curious to see more and plan to run by stores as this merch is hitting shelves any day now!
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