Thursday, May 13, 2010

NY Sample Sale Report: Twinkle by Wenlan

Stopped by the Twinkle by Wenlan sale over lunch and the environment was pretty calm for most part, there was a constant flow of traffic but still room to look around. Stock sizes range from 4-8 for most part and they have reduced prices from previous seasons sales. Dresses I saw were between $76-125. Not much topped $125 except for a few outerwear pieces.

The racks were just barely full as I have a feeling that people grabbed a lot of the merch yesterday at the friends and family preview.

No change room, large communal mirror/area to try on merch.

Samples are def the cheapest route to go but are mostly in the size 2-4 category with about 2 racks of samples to sort through. My fave picks were def the sample shorts and skirts that were just $25! I also liked the silky printed pants that I remember seeing on the runway a couple seasons back but they were $99.

Accessories were also a great buy with belts at just $10, necklaces $15 and bracelets $5.

Fine gauge knits were only $10 but not too many remained in the box. I thought the signature chunky knits were also very well priced at just $45.
If you are a Twinkle fan and between sizes 2-8 or in the need for some accessories I would check out as there are still some gems to be had.

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