Friday, May 14, 2010

Now Wearing...

It's been so cold lately that I've been pulling my winter/fall gear out of my closet again the last week for a final wearing before summer comes.

Tank Top - SEED Organic
Cardigan - H&M
Plaid Tulip Skirt - Cynthia Steffe
Tights - Urban Outfitters
Buckle Boots - Chanel
Metallic Scarf - Club Monaco
Zipper Satchel - Botkier Tao Convertible


Cape Photo said...

Winter is almost here in Cape Town South Africa and its always fun to see what styles of fashion come out at the change of the season. The mainstream and the trendsetters. Great blog. Regards r

t said...

Cool bag!

Erin said...

Aww thanks Cape photo! NYC is definitely the city of unpredictable weather! I think summer heat will be back this week ;)

Thanks T! I just picked it up at the Botkier sample sale the other week!

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