Friday, May 21, 2010

NY Sample Sale Report: Alain Mikli

There's only a few hours left on this sale, but if you're looking for a pair of glasses and have a lot of patience, you may want to stop by the Alain Mikli sale on Wooster street before 5pm today.

Patience and determination will be key for this sale. There are over 2,200 pairs of glasses, and they're all in little baggies so it will take some digging.

Signature Alain Mikli-style frames.

I loved these, but my nose is far too flat to support these. If you're daring, there were lots of fun patterned frames.

And look, foldable glasses! So awesome! They're a pair from Issey Miyake, and they're not being made anymore. If you're a fan, this could be your chance to stock up. I saw one man pick them up in green and dark red because he was so excited.

There were some sunglasses as well, but most reminded me too much of the 90s... in a bad way.

However, I did spot a a few fun oversized styles like this pair in gray, cream, white and red.

Who: Alain Mikli International Sample Sale
When: til 5pm today
Where: 28 Wooster Street(Corner of Wooster & Grand Streets)


Anonymous said...

I got 2 pairs of semi-rimless glasses at this sale but now I need help! Any good leads on where to get cheap polycarbonate lenses put in? I just stopped by my local (midtown) eyeglass store and they wanted to charge me $200 for each set of lenses!!???

Anonymous said...

How about try chinatown? There are plenty of credible optical places that can put them in with the anti-glare film for about $125 or under, of course depending on the degrees of your vision.

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