Friday, April 9, 2010

Inside: Tria Blue Pop-Up Lounge

On my way home from work I decided to stop by the Tria Blue Pop-Up Lounge and see what it was all about. I had first heard about Tria Beauty a couple years ago when their at Home Laser Removal system came out but unfortunately I had just splurged on a No!No! system so I never got a chance to check out Tria until now. I was greeted by some lovely blue haired ladies who quickly ushered me into a blue oasis from the city rush.
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They have lounge area in the front set up for people to have a seat and relax to the sound of an in-house DJ.

Tria recently introduced a Blue Light treatment that claims to clear, treat and nourish skin by eliminating acne causing bacteria before it starts the cycle. After signing in I was quickly ushered to a pod station where I was told about the product and how to use it.
Honestly I am a firm believer that great skin is the key to beauty. And honestly I am pretty lucky that I have been blessed by great genetics and look years younger than I actually am. But I do have have always fought for great skin. Growing up I never really struggled with acne, had a relatively pimple free teenage existence and it wasn't until my mid-twenties that trouble hit me. Regular visits to the Derm plus Retin A/Epiduo keep my skin in check and previously it was the use of tetracycline. However, I often wondered if there was a better option than chemicals or medication. Perhaps this Tria Blue Light Therapy is the answer? Apparently this is the same light that they offer in dermatologists offices but available at your convenience on a daily basis.

The device is actually pretty small and looks like a fancy remote control. It turns on when you press it against your face and there is a timer that shows how long you've been using it and a subtle beep that goes off every 30 seconds as you make circular motions over your face. The tip feels like silicone and glides pretty easily across the surface of your skin. Every 2 1/2 minutes it makes a distinctive noise and within 5 minutes you are done. When I tried it, I could only see a glow over my face and felt gentle warm sensation on the surface of my skin. Apparently you see results within 7 days and women have been returning day after day to see the effectiveness of the product during the pop-up. Actually the staff encouraged me to come back again. I would definitely like to try this again to see if the claims are true.

While after one treatment, I can't say I felt a difference, I did feel pretty relaxed. Maybe it was the music or the comfortable pod chairs? Or maybe it was having someone do my make up? I had a truly relaxing experience and would recommend anyone to stop by.

Bonus, they gift you a free aluminum water bottle and there is a goody table full of blue candy ready for snacking. It's all blue and instantly remindes me of Percy and the Olympians ;)
Who: Tria Blue
What: Enjoy complimentary Tria Blue Light treatment, relax and receive complimentary hair and make-up, listen to music spun by a live DJ and munch on some blue candy.
When: Now through April 12, 2010. Sat 10am-6pm, Sun noon-6pm. Mon-Tues 11:30am-7:30pm
Where: 155 Fifth Avenue (b/n 21-22nd St)


shana said...

does the nono live up to it's claim? Worth the purchase?

Sugar Rock Catwalk said...

truthfully i found the nono to be very slow and time intensive. It sort of singes the hair but it's not as short as shaving. I believe it reduces hair growth but the no pain claim is not true as i feel like it gave me a minor electrical burn on my shin bone once!

shana said...

I thought it sounded too good to be true. :(

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review. Really love your blog, it's incredibly fresh and honest. So it's been a month, did you go back to the Tria Blue Lounge? I've been really intrigued by the Tria blue light acne treatment. I have a friend who struggles with acne and had a really bad reaction to tetracycline.

Erin said...

Hi BellaMia, Glad that you enjoy our blog! I meant to go back to the Tria Lounge but never had the chance to. I didn't used the blue light for long enough to give a fair assessment but it's too bad to hear about the trouble your friend is having with tetracycline. In my personal experience, I like Retin A & Duac best :)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

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