Saturday, February 13, 2010

Runway Review: Cynthia Rowley FW2010

Yesterday afternoon I checked out the Cynthia Rowley FW 2010 show today at Gotham Hall. Special thanks to Michelle for giving us the opportunity to report. Every time I visit I can't get over the beautiful surroundings. Pillars, Skylight, Chandeliers take me to a world of elegance. Today was my first time here for a fashion show and my first Cynthia Rowley fashion show and it was a collection to remember.

It was definitely a full house, and with bleachers packed and even some of the "seated" standing, I wasn't sure where everyone would fit but we managed to squeeze inside before the show began. There was a live band Preacher and the Knife played drum heavy tunes as the models took the runway.

My gut reaction is that this collection brings together the best of 90s grunge and Rainbow Brite. This collection for me represented a less refined, more raw Cynthia Rowley. Still luxe but wild streak revealed. The designer aptly named it the "chic monster-girl collection"

Amazing prints reminded me of graffiti layered upon graffiti in the way the colors were layer together in splashed brush motifs.
Puffers were a strong influence whether it be an actual jacket, or sleeve/bodice details, boots and even puffed scarves that adorned the models necks.

Like Farah Angsana, but with a different execution, movement was key. Feathers and fringe fluttered and bounced as the models walked.
Colors stayed in the neutral beige, grey and black category but then would be popped with bright yellow, red, pink and turquoise. Mulberrys and Cobalts were also very strong this collection.

An element of the show that I adored was the wild crimped hair that was pulled back with colorful extensions. Great beauty!

One thing of interest to note with this collection, as fashion becomes faster, so must designers. Cynthia Rowley partnered with the Gagosian and created limited edition pieces that are actually photographs of the designer's own fall collection that have been printed onto fabric, cut and sewn into simple dress. It will cost you less than her runway pieces as a dress will cost $320, or you can buy an uncut bolt of the fabric for $280, each in limited editions of 100.

She tells the NY Times:
“It seems like an archaic idea that designers show a collection and six months later the product is available in stores,” she said. “Since images are available even during the show, people naturally get excited about things and want to own them now."

I totally agree with her! Often times by the time the clothing hits the stores, fashion lovers are often so inundated by images that they become tired of it when it hits the stores. Especially with fast fashion having 6 week turnarounds and knock offs already flooding the marketplace. It's a very progressive and interesting move for Cynthia Rowley and I applaud her for it.

image via NY Times

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