Monday, February 15, 2010

Runway Review: Custo Barcelona

The Custo Barcelona Fall 2010 collection was complete and utter spunky rock & roll glamour. Doing what they do best, the brand stuck to it’s roots in bright and funky apparel. Results are are a collection that fans of the brand, including celebs like Shakira and Charlize Theron, will not be disappointed with.

From the mixture of great textures like fur and super chunky mop knit combined with bold graphics and mixed digital prints look effortless and fresh. While some of the bold shaggy textures and colors were reminiscent of Cynthia Rowley’s Monster Girl chic collection, the interpretation was definitely different. Custo Barcelona’s approach used tongue-in-cheek humor and a strong overt in-your-face bright use of color. Fortunately the brights were anchored by with neutrals kept things grounded and wearable.

Emphasis on the strong shoulder which is very on point for the season was seen throughout the collection whether it be through ruffles or fur pouf sleeves.
Zebra in Fur and wool was faintly reminiscent of Balmain. While the skilled mixing of pieces

My personal fave part of the collection was the great statement making outerwear! Sexy fun jackets that are sure to get you noticed!

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