Tuesday, February 2, 2010

iWant McQueen's Dogtooth Cardi-Coat

I've been lusting after this coat for awhile and been meaning to post about it. The other night I was browsing some old entries from a fellow Indepedent Fashion Blogger, and she had posted about the same coat, which reminded me to get on it before winter is over.

This coat by Alexander McQueen, and I like he calls it "dogstooth" rather than houndstooth. I love how warm and comfortable this piece looks, and true to McQueen style, this coat is very dramatic with its oversized print and heavy draping.
What's funny about this coat is how different it looks on the model at Bergdorf Goodman. It makes me wonder how it would look on me. I'm pretty sure it'd be awful since I'm not very tall.

If you're into the coat and can afford to drop a couple grand, it's currently 65% off at Bergdorf from $4,365 to the low, low price of $1,528.


Dream Sequins said...

Oh wow- that's beautiful. Wish I had the dough for a new coat :)

steevay said...

the bergdorf model is wearing it hideously. eeeeek.

fatgirlslikeniceclothestoo said...

Give me a shout when it reaches 99% off! :-)

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