Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Can You Spot the Difference? Kelsi Dagger Flats

Recognize these flats? I posted these in a shopping round-up for our friend Krystina awhile back, and last week, they were on sale at Gilt Fuse.

The other day I realized that the only flats I have are boots or oxfords - no basic feminine flats, really? So when I saw them for half off at Gilt, I went to town and bought two pairs, a pair in black and a pair in purple. Snakeskin leather and hidden wedge, I had to.

Cute, right? But wait, does something look a little off?

They are the same shoe, Kelsi Dagger "Tamatha", but the flowers are completely different! The ones on the black shoe are small and neat, and the ones on the purple shoe look kind of like an explosion.

I'm actually ok with both looks. I like that the black flowers are cleaner since they're suppose to be my more practical shoes, and the purple shoes are my fun shoes so explosion-life flowers are cool with me. I just find it really surprising that the detailing could be so different on what should be the same shoe.

If you would like a pair to call your own, they are currently on sale at a handful of sites: $68.55-$81.41 + free shipping, available in various sizes and colors

Piperlime for $79.99 + free shipping, size 6 black only

eBay for $54 + $8 shipping, two pairs of size 7 black available

Nordstrom $99.95, available in black, cream and purple

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