Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Uniqlo Heattech Review

Uniqlo Heattech works. I’ve tried thermals and undershirts from just about every brand, and Uniqlo’s Heattech is definitely my favorite! I have a couple Heattech shirts, a turtle neck and scoop neck, and they both keep me so warm. My other thermals keep me warm, but I always feel kind of uncomfortable in them because they're too thick or they don't allow my skin to breathe. Uniqlo's fabric, on the otherhand, is incredibly soft, light and breathable, and I think the anti-static and shape retaining claims are true too. I've washed each shirt in the machine a few times, and they've held up fine.

I wore my Heattech scoop neck out dancing over the weekend, and while I was really hot, I didn't feel super suffocated or sticky.

If you still need some winter basics, I would recommend stopping by Uniqlo soon because they're having a sale right now on all Heattech - just $9.99 for camis, tanks, long sleeves, short and long bottoms. Some colors and sizes are starting to run out, but they still have a lot of inventory with the exception of full-length leggings. They sold out of almost every size very early in the season, so the only leggings they have left are black size medium. Bummer...! I really wish I had a pair of them right now. Oh well, lesson learned for next season.


Erica said...

I took that picture. Wooo!

But on a related note, I love the Heattech pieces. They're functional and don't look frumpy like a lot traditional thermals.

Dream Sequins said...

Lani- you look totally cute in that picture. LOL. That aside, I might have to give their Heattech pieces a try. :)

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