Tuesday, January 26, 2010

To Buy or Not to Buy?

Obsessed with wacky accessories and novelty items, I've been wanting a pair of bunny ears for awhile. No, not Playboy style. I talking about the bunny ears à la Louis Vuitton's fall 2009 show.
The headband at the top is from Topshop, but they unfortunately sold out. I hesitated to buy them because they were $36 for something kind of ridiculous, and now they're gone.

I've done a bit of searching for other options under $50, and the only ones I've come across are these velvet ones from Asos. At $17, they're affordable, but they look too much like cat ears for my liking and I'd prefer something lighter like a satin or lace.
So now I guess the question becomes "To DIY or not to DIY?" Perhaps Erin and I can craft up a little something. If we do, we promise to post a tutorial.

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