Thursday, December 3, 2009

Sample Sale Report Dec 2009: I <3 Botkier.

One of my beloved handbag designers, Monica Botkier, held her Friends and Family Sale tonight before the doors open to the public tomorrow. Special thanks to Tanya for giving me a tour inside the Botkier Sample Sale.

The reason I'm such a fan is simple. I love how light the bags are when they are empty because seriously a girl has to carry enough stuff without adding another 5 lbs. Also, I find that her bags are made with a buttery soft leather that only gets better with age. The colors become richer and develops character. Her style lines are unique but don't get tired. I'm not sick of her bags that I have owned for 3 years and I'm sure that they will be still precious to me another 3 years later. Plus, I love the little chain that most bags have to find your keys :) Anyways on to the sale!

This sale was a lot smaller than previous sales. The space was more intimate and one level instead of 2, yet I found myself able to still maneuver my way easily (unlike previous madness at Minkoff) and could really see the merchandise. I have to really hand it to the staff at Botkier, they really know how to keep things neat and organized. There were several long wall mirrors so you could narrow down your purchases and see how they would look on your body.

The first room contains the current season merch that was mostly in the $175-275 category. There were plenty of Cooper Totes, Taylor Satchels, Sydney Hobos, Jetson Totes and Angie Satchels in a wide variety of colors. Although I did see a $25 bag listed, I don't recall seeing it in person, nor do I recall seeing the Satin Bianca for $50.

This Rio Satchel in Black Cherry really caught my eye. The color was quite beautiful.

This room also housed the shoe and boot selection. And this year their set up really enabled people to sit down and easily try on shoes as someone on staff assisted you in finding your size. Shoes ran between the sizes of 36-39 (too sad for my size 35 feet!), mostly in the size 37 and 38 range but 1/2 sizes are available. Shoes ran from an incredible bargain of $50 for flats, but there was this one pair of sexy fringe boots that were also $50! The shape of them is awesome and they were super fun but alas only a few pairs left in sizes 36-37 1/2. Bonne Chance!

Flat Sandals & Fringe Boot$50
Kitten Heel Sandals & a Pump Style $95
Platform Sandals $125
Ankle Boots $250
Buckle Boot & Knee Highs $295
The second room contained my never to be missed sample table, which after several rounds of stalking, as hoarders put back bags, yielded a couple awesome buys. One of which I found was actually a bag that exists only as 1 of 3 ever made in that color as it was deemed to fashion forward to go into production. AMAZING! As I was leaving about 20 or so bags remained in this section. Here the prices run $75-200, with most in the $100-150 range.

This room also held some of the more classic styles like my much admired Trigger, in a deep burgandy and I believe I may have seen yellow too! I also saw the Bianca in a plethora of purple/wine hues.

They also had some wallets on hand, perfect for gifting. They were $75 for the small square styles to $95 for the longer or rounded styles.

The highlight of my night? Was it the amazing bags I picked up? (One is a gift but the other will last me years to come. ) For now, I'll have to say it was meeting the woman behind the designs, Monica Botkier. Monica looked super cute in her zippered Marnie Boots and her sequin blazer. Plus she was so real, genuine and kind.

For fans of Botkier and purse lovers this is a must go sale, plus it was a pleasant shopping experience as far a sample sales go.

Who: Botkier
What: 50-75% off Handbags, Shoes & Wallets! Bonus. If you come to the sample sale wearing your fave Botkier bag or shoes recieve and extra 10% off your purchases
When: December 3-5, 2009. Thurs-Sat 11am-7pm. Sun noon-5pm
Where: 195 Lafayette St. (between Broome and Kenmare)


Anonymous said...

Girl, you should wear red lipstick every single day. That color really works for you.

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing!!!! it's much appreciated!! was there only one fringe boot or were there a couple? thanks so much!

Erin said...

thanks on the lipstick :)

there were about 5 pairs in sizes 6-7 1/2 of the fringe boot...good luck!

tanya said...

Thanks so much for coming out! So glad you found the Taylor in the antique green color--it's a keeper!

Shelly said...

i love your botkier bags! i wish i could come to ny right now so i could go to the sale!

Erin said...

Tanya thank you once again! I really had such an amazing time^^ the Taylor is definitely a keeper!

Shelly wish you were here too^^

Anonymous said...

did the sample sale have any Trigger bags? those are my favorite!!

Erin said...

Yes there were Triggers! I only saw them in a deep red color. I love Triggers :)! they run about $275

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