Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sample Sale Report: Madness at Rebecca Minkoff

Update Grace + Kate via Racked reports additional markdowns:

DEVOTE – $595$350 - $275
MINI DEVOTE – $550$325 – $250
MATINEE – $595 – $350 - $325
ZIP MARKET TOTE – $630 - $375 – $300

I went to the Rebecca Minkoff Sale last night during the supposed VIP event but judging from the looks of the line, it is no longer very VIP. Minkoff devotees started swarming the lines at 6pm, with unmoving lines and by the time I headed over at 7:23pm it was still in full force. I first noticed the girls all up on 17th Street holding paper bags that are tell tale of some sample sales buys. The line took about 25 min to get into the sale.

They also had some clothing at this sale including super cute sort of modern grunge looks by Nicholas K. Plaid and faux shearling. Mostly overstock with prices as marked. Jackets $250, Plaid Dress $120, Animal Print Scarves $30 or 2 for $50.

Also present were some feminine luxe pieces by Nellie Partow. About 2 or 3 racks of merch. Dresses $189 and $90 for all tops. Word of warning although I spotted 2 places that were once fitting rooms, curtains have been tied opened with the note no fitting rooms.

Clothing although cute was largely ignored by the serious fans who were elbow deep in purses. Check out this avid shopper who seemed to be carrying at least 8 purses and on the hunt for more! It was serious madness and hard to maneuver around the masses. This sale is def not for the faint of heart and as I was leaving I couldn't help but wonder how long it would take these ladies to check out!

The once organized tables are now a mish mash of randomness

2 Racks of clothing with prices on the wall. Ranging from $55-500 but these looked pretty untouched as it became all about handbag.

Prices as I noted:

Sleepover Mini $225
Suede Sleepover $275
Canvas + Perforated Totes/Cases $50
Virginia Computer Cases $50
Devote $350
Mini Devote $325
Knocked-Up Diaper Bag $410
Mini Nikki $325
Mini Mini $195
Rose Clutch $150
Mini Morning After Bag $325
Morning After Bag $350
Zip Devote $375
Zip Mab $350
Zip Mini $325
Rendezvous Clutch $225
Simone Clutch $150
Infatuation Clutch $150
Mac Clutch $195
Wallets $30-75
Cheeky Pouches $30-70
Minkette Pouches $22-30

This sale wasn't one for myself personally! A bit too crowded and therefore hard to really look at merch...but I'm sure that the women snagging bags of merch at this sale can't be wrong either so go if you can brave the crowds.

Who: Rebecca Minkoff sample sale
What: Deals on lovely handbags including distressed-leather Morning After Bag $350 (was $635), leather Nikki hobo $350 (was $595), and patent-leather Morning After Clutch $195 (was $330)
When: November 18-22, 2009. Wed-Sun 10am-8pm.
Where: 17 West 17th St (near 5th Ave)(212-677-7829


Yinks said...

Well looks like there are some bargains in there somewhere what with the crowds Erin!

Kelly said...

I agree. I'm a fan of RM, but it was too much. I was there with the first rush of shoppers at 6pm. All the MAB bags were scooped up and hoarded within the first 30 seconds.

I've gone to this sale for the past 2 seasons at the older location (with non-descript storefront window) and it was 100x more civilized and calm. There def wasn't any line to get in. And none of my friends had even heard of the brand. But hey that's what happens when you make the big time right?

Anonymous said...

The key to the Minkoff sample sale for people not choosy about getting a specific bag style is (a) don't go during lunch or in the PM when everyone else can go (b) don't buy until the last days - RM marks down stuff that is not moving throughout the sale. Those baby bags were $195 by Saturday last year, and on the final day RM was giving wallets away free with a purchase.

Erin said...

Wow glad to hear I wasn't the only one with a harried experience Kelly!

thanks for the tips! def keep them in mind although I'm not sure I want to go back :)

Anonymous said...

I went last night at 7pm and there were no lines, newly stocked tables, etc. Only items that seemed a bit thinned out were the clutches.

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