Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sample Sale Report: Colette Malouf

Headband and hair ornament master Colette Malouf had a sample sale today and I stopped by to some super bargains and great source for some stocking stuffers/gifts! Seriously if you bought a flip book on chignons, some pony holders and hair sticks you'd have a super cute little set perfect for gifting!

The fabric headbands and the pony holders were the real bargain at 2 for $5. As were those Chignon How-To Flip Book.

Hairsticks at $5 a piece were also a great bargain. Some are even crystalized.

There were $10 hair combs and bands. Also a super cute twisted bias silk pony holder unlike any I've ever seen!

Pretty satin flowered and crocheted headbands were $15 a piece.

The $20 section yielded some awesome feathered clips and lace/satin headbands.

The $30 section was mostly metal mesh headbands and beautiful metal mesh flower clips.

The tables around yielded some jewelry. I saw rings for $50, other pieces for $80 and those lovely metal mesh necklaces were $40 for a single layer and $50 for a double layer.

I picked up a couple headbands that make me feel super excited! Perfect for hiding those bad hair days. One that is plastic for $5 that looks super futuristic and one of those grey satin ones with the flowers :)

If you're into feminine hair accessories or in need of a quick gift for the Blair Waldorf in your life, this sale is a DO!

Who: Colette Malouf
What: Sparkly headbands, silk flower combs, and shiny barrettes are all $5-$30. Jewelry too.
When: December 2-3, 2009. Wed-Thurs 9am-7pm
Where: 594 Broadway, b/t E. Houston & Prince Sts., ste. 1216 (212-941-9588).

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