Wednesday, December 2, 2009

NY Sample Sale Report: Charlotte Ronson

Excuse the bad photog, but my camera phone wasn't doing the greatest job today! Not too crowded but was hard to find a spot to stand in the fitting room with 2 mirrors.

Not as much merch as usual but everything is under $90. A much sparser selection than last sale

There was a fair selection of shoes. If you like a style that was displayed on the table they have a whole bunch stockpiled in the back in various sizes. (Mostly sizes 6-9, saw a lot of 8s)

The cheap room
Mostly older merch, some from past sample sales ranging from $15 to 30 sparser selection. Saw a few hammered silk blouses for $15. Party Dresses and Sweaters for $30, saw a heavy wool vest for $30.

The other room
Merch ranging from $50-90 were mostly current collections.
$50 for skirts (pleather & or sequined)
$50 for plaid shirts
$70 for plaid dresses
$90 for Super cute faux shearling lined vests and pilot style coats (only saw mediums)

Damaged section
$15 shoes only yielded one patent grey boots
$15 clothing, actually real damages with holes or pen markings. Most are marked on the tag with the location.

While I didn’t find anything in my size that I loved this sale is worth a drop by if you’re in the neighborhood.

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