Thursday, November 5, 2009

I Like Men in Fine & Dandy

Earlier this week, our friends at Fine and Dandy celebrated their one year anniversary and released their 2009 lookbook. Congratulations, boys! We're so proud of you!
In a previous post, I've mentioned how I like it when boys suit up because it gives them an aura of confidence. The same applies to bow ties and other men's accessories. It's fun, cute and often hot.

Here are a few of my favorite fall looks from Fine and Dandy. The use of colors, patterns, and textures - perfection! I especially love the last shot. Wardrobe lust! I want that in my closet now.

The lookbook was shot by photographer Patrick Roxas. You can (and should) view the rest here. It's sharp and absolutely fantastic.


Iole said...

love dandies too

sailor said...

Wow, I totally dress like that second photo.

Seij said...

I dig the grey plaid w/ purple.

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