Friday, November 6, 2009

dupli-Caught: Club Monaco vrs YSL Cage Belt

Club Monaco "Hailey Cage Belt"
I was looking at the Club Monaco accessories page when glaring off it comes this heavily inspired by Yves Saint Laurent belt. Yes, the YSL Cage belt and shoes had legions of fans drooling when it came out at the beginning of the year, but Club Monaco did you think that we wouldn't notice your obvious inspiration?

Differences to note, the Club Monaco Version is not Patent, features grommets to lace up and is a shorter 2 tiers. They also perhaps tried to fool us by photographing with the ties up?

The YSL Cage belt is a super shiny patent leather, a more statement making 3 tiers and has longer ties and features metal hook fasteners to lace up the belt.

Does anyone know how much the Club Monaco version is retailing for but the YSL version is now on sale on Net-a-Porter for $198.

YSL Cage Belt

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