Monday, October 12, 2009

I Like When Boys Suit Up

Fact, women like it when men dress up. It gives them an aura of confidence, and it's a reflection that they care. Men always look nice when they put on a fitted suit. Just look at these fall 2009 examples from the runway.

1. Tommy Hilfiger - example of a good, classic suit
2. Calvin Klein - love the subtle color

3. Givenchy - good directional and dramatic look
4. Gucci - fabulous detailing on the black suit and fun use of color underneath

images from

Boys, you like it when girls dress up, right? It says something about the person, and it's easy on the eyes. It's the same when you dress up, and it's less work for you!

Suits can be expensive, but they're a worthy investment. Every man should have a suit, and mass retailers like H&M and Zara Man have affordable options. A few of my good friends have picked up suits from H&M for around $200 and Zara for a little under $300.

If you live in Brooklyn, you should check Alter in Greenpoint. They have a great slim suit from Cheap Monday for under $300.
And because I have no expertise when it comes to actually buying menswear, here's a suit shopping guide with tips for different body tips from

If you're not ready to buy a suit, consider buying a sport coat or blazer. Sport coats and blazers are similar to suit jackets, but they are usually made with thicker fabrics and can be more casual in style and worn with unmatched parts.

Seriously, just a blazer or sports coat can really upgrade your look. When a guy dresses up, so cute. And sometimes hot!


Thaile said...

love to suit up in style, but don't know how to do stylish with out going too avant-garde. How do you know what you can pull off?

Anonymous said...

What are some good accents or stylish things to add to the suit? Or should you not...

Erica said...

LOVE a man in a suit. Or something tailored nicely. Makes such a difference. Can't beat great details like a fun patterned shirt, tie, or socks .. cufflinks that show a guys personality.

Chris Reed said...

I love suits, they are all about subtle details, nail them and a suit will fit any guys style or personality.

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