Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sample Sale Report: Portolano

Headed down to the Portolano sale over lunch today. I know it's not the most exciting sale but I was in need of a new pair of leather gloves and was hoping to get nice high quality pair for a good price. The sale was not too crowded and pretty tame, not the usual sample sale crowd. To note everything is an additional 10% off from the prices I list and the discount is taken at the cash.

Gloves were available in every color of the rainbow and a variety of sizes and materials. I've seriously never seen so many gloves in my life!

The sample gloves pictured above left were mostly in the $28-40 range in an assortment of styles. The sizes were in my guess a size 7? They had a lot of random one off designs or just a few per style. The down side? The gloves are lined but it's sort of a cheap nylon fabric and not cashmere like the regular price gloves.

Randomly they had a few purses in Nappa and Deerskin going for $50 but they were really really basic. Not my cup of tea.

As for long gloves, I wish but not part of my budget. These full arm gloves were going for $200. Elbow length gloves for $70-90 depending on the color, Mid forearm for $42, Short gloves for $34-38. I picked up a pair of short black gloves that are buttery soft leather with cashmere lining, but was really willing myself not to splurge on elbow length fuschia gloves. The quality is really quite impeccable!

On a side note they had some random childrens sweaters. Wool for $20, Cashmere for $80.

They also had a few styles of cute gloves by Moschino and Blumarine for $59.99. The Blumarine gloves unfortunately also had the cheap nylon lining.

Overall this isn't a must go to sale but if you need gloves they have some amazing quality ones for a decent price. Comment if you notice additional markdowns I may go back for those fuschia gloves :)

Who: Portolano
What: Sample and stock sale on luxurious Italian leather gloves.
Where: 15 West 37 Street(b/n 5th-6th Ave) 2nd Floor. 212.719.4403
When: October 19-23, 2009. Mon-Fri 10am-6pm.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The gloves you saying are "Nylon" lined are actually silk lined.
They don't make nylon lined gloves especially if are designers ones

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