Friday, October 23, 2009

NY Sample Sale Report: Free People & Walter

Earlier today I stopped by the Free People & Walter sale hosted by The Prive at Chelsea Market. There was a fair amount of people at the sale, but it was pretty calm probably because the clothes weren't that exciting.

Free People

There was a ton of stock in all sizes and true samples at deeply discounted prices, but I really wasn't impressed with the selection from Free People. I think the best of the bunch were the sample dresses and tunics, which were $35. There were a couple lace and fringe numbers with potential. Sample sizing seemed to be a XS or S.

Prices were as follows for Free People samples: pants & tops $20-$25, dresses & jackets $35. And stock prices were as follows: tops $25-36, hoodies $24-$42, dresses $32-$49.

There was also a rack of pieces from We The Free. Plaid dresses for $26-$36, cool.


I found the selection from Walter to be much agreeable. I liked that blazer ($119) on the right, but it was a bit too long on my frame and the shoulders felt too tight. It's really cute with the sleeves rolled up though.

There were some cute dresses as well. Nothing too exciting, but there were a few that would make great "meet the parents" or "work holiday party" dresses. There were lots of nice slim satin skirts as well.

I saw both of these pieces at the sale in multiple sizes. The sweater vest was also available in black. There were quite a few of these left; I think because they didn't look that good on the hanger and because they were kind of itchy.

I think the best of the Walter sale were the leather biker jackets, which were $227, but there were only a few when I got there so I wouldn't expect them to still be there tomorrow.

There seemed to be a decent amount in each size, though the smaller sizes were starting to go.

Walter prices were as follows: cardigans $43-$99, sweaters $79-$87, blouses $75-$199, vests & blazers $79-$138, dresses $107-$128, leather vests & jackets $155-$227.

There was also a lot of stock from previous sample sales like tops and bottoms from Ben Sherman, dresses and basics from Lewis Cho, and winter coats from Laundry by Shelli Segal ($120, pictured below).

Like previous sales at The Chelsea Market, this sale was well organized, and the fitting room had two big mirrors and a few smaller mirrors. Overall, I don't think the sale is worth going out of your way for, but if you're in the area, it could be fun to check out. The sale might be worth stopping in if you're looking for a classy cocktail dress from Walter or perhaps a coat from Laundry by Shelli Segal.

Who: Walter and Free People
What: 60% to 80% off fall merch
Where: Chelsea Market, 75 9th Avenue (between 15th & 16th St)
When: October 22-25, 2009. Thurs-Sun 10:30am-7pm

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