Sunday, October 25, 2009

Now Wearing...

Blue peplum top - vintage
Black acid wash jeans - Criminal Damage UK
Black plastic oxfords - Alexandre Herchcovitch x Melissa
Floral belt/scarf - secondhand (thank you, Mrs. Mojo)

This video is a little painful for me to watch. I probably should have taken a little more time to make it, but I just woke up and was in a hurry - no time to really prepare my thoughts or re-record. Haha. But I posted because I felt like a video would be the easiest way to explain how I tied the scarf into a belt.

This video is also a reminder of how badly I want to get new glasses. I still love these frames, but when I got these glasses made I was still wearing contacts daily. Some time in the past year, my eyes have become super sensitive and easily irritated by contacts, so I only wear them on weekends and nights out and wear my glasses during the week. If I had known I'd be wearing glasses as much as I do, I probably would have spent more to get anti-glare lenses and picked out a more versatile frame like plastic tortoise shell. UGH, glasses.

1 comment:

Shelly said...

Cute and so easy to do. Thanks for the tip!

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