Sunday, October 25, 2009

Now Wearing...

Another lazy Sunday afternoon, I just didn't really feel like getting out of bed today even though the weather was gorgeous! I just wanted to be comfortable and cozy if I had to leave the house. The video just explains some of the thought process behind the outfit.

Printed Sweater - Matthew Williamson for H&M (from the Men's Collection)
HeatherLeggings - French Connection
Destroyed Denim Cut Offs - DIY (was Blue Cult)
Necklace - Subversive for Target
Snake Bracelet - Marc Jacobs Special Item
Riding Boots - Nine West
Straw Bowler Hat - H&M (from the Men's Department)

DIY Instructions:

Put on your jeans that you don't really want anymore and place a pin at the length that you want to make them. Fold up the hem as a guide for you to cut straight and cut with sharp scissors.

Repeat on the other side. Using either an exacto knife or a seam ripper make horizontal cuts through one layer of the denim. Make sure you use a cutting mat so you don't ruin your tables :)
Repeat multiple times!

Using either your fingernail or the side of the blade scrape the fabric away horizontally so that you keep the white threads of the denim intact. Be gentle.

Repeat many many more times and voila!


Anonymous said...

great sweater!

Karrie said...

I love this outfit and the video!
Great job on the shorts. They look so good.

cousin mgk said...

your aunt says, "I like that sweater. That colour looks good. Blue."
your cousin says, "I shlepped that sweater from Canada, I'm glad it looks so nice on you!"

RockRushIndia said...

This is a very pretty necklace.

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