Thursday, October 1, 2009

Jill Sander for Uniqlo's +J Pandemonium

Today at 10am Uniqlo opened it's doors to the public but lines were already forming well before 9:30am. Surprisingly according to the majority of those in line were men 70-75% of the crowd! Also Racked mentions that they may re-evaluate and re-stock in 2 weeks if the line does well.

My friend NH dropped by during lunch and said the line looked quite long and out of control. I finally was able to stop by after work as I had some time to kill and at 6:35pm the line was still formed. I decided to come back later on and when I returned at 7:43pm, there was no line and I was able to enter the store with ease.
Inside the store, I was suprised as the center section just beyond all the mannequins in the cases was a sectioned off "tent" which contained the majority of the +J clothing aside from a few racks of clothing to be returned on the outskirts. For women I did spot both the wool pea coat and trench coat, both long and short puffer jackets. However all the items had multiples but it still seemed slightly sparse. I noticed a lot of the S-M sizes were taken but XS, L and XL still remained for women's. For men's there were plenty of XS-S sizes.

For men the pickings looked substantially slimmer and much of the merch was in disheveled random piles on the tables. Racks seemed pretty bare.

I only looked quickly but the collection was overall very subdued tones of olive, navy, grey, white and black. The wool on the jackets seemed nice, the puffers seemed very light and fluffy but still pretty thin, the material had a matte shine effect to it which I couldn't decide if I hated or liked. Quality overall seems pretty high. Fit seems to be slimmer than the usual boxy Uniqlo stylings. Staff seemed working hard at trying to get things in order and bringing back merch that had been tried on. Although the racks did seem sort of empty, there seemed to be a little bit of everything left, you only have to look for it a bit harder and have a bit more patience.

The Cut reports that the following items were nearly sold out but the store will be restocking tonight:

• Velvet tuxedo jackets
• Gathered jackets
• Wool blazers
• Miniskirts
• Button-down shirts
• Stretch cashmere items

• Most wool trousers
• Most wool outerwear
• Stretch cashmere items


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this! Ya'll's blog is always so helpful.

Was the size XL available for the women?

Grace said...

Erin, we just missed each other! And you do have to dig a little! I found a black single breasted wool coat near the mirrors. The quality was much better than I expected and the fit was so good, I had to get it :)

Erin said...

Hi! I'm glad that I can help...the men's and women's clothes were all mixed together but I believe I saw XL for women...

Erin said...

Congrats Grace! Can't wait to see your find :) too bad I missed you..when were you there?

Grace said...

Thanks Erin! I started waiting on line around 6:50 and I was able to buy the coat and leave around 7:20! The line went surprisingly fast.

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