Monday, August 24, 2009

Sample Sale Report: Lee Angel

Stopped by the Lee Angel Sale on Friday with low expectations. The flyer looked less than appealing, but I got word that they were a jewelry vendor for many major companies including J.Crew, Banana Republic, Club Monaco, French Connection, BCBG, Ann Taylor and more. Also, I heard that they had $5 bins so I thought it was worth checking out as I love junk jewelry.

When I got there it was a large fairly well lit room with bins upon bins of merch! In fact everything in the entire room was $5! It was a bit of a time consuming sale because I had to dig through bins that were mixed pieces all wrapped up in plastic baggies that obstructed the view of the jewelry but it was definitely worth the trouble. While some pieces weren't really my taste I felt like the selection was so broad I'm sure there's something for everyone.

There was another little adjoining room that was much smaller and also filled with bins, but this merch was actually under the "Lee Angel" name. It was generally higher quality and more intricate merch and the prices definitely reflected that. Prices in this room ranged from $20-300. Initial pendants and some rings were around $20.

The cuff bracelet above I was sort of in love with but with a $150 price tag, I couldn't quite justify it. But it was blingtastic and so rocker girl chic.

Pieces that I picked up for $5! I re-bought a French Connection necklace that I already own that I love to death but has started loosing stones. At this price, it's cheaper than buying extra stones!

Btw I don't have my ears pierced but I did pick up a cute pair of earrings for my friend Shelly.

This is one I wouldn't miss if you're in need of some cheap baubles to polish your look. Be warned it's a bit time consuming! I spent an hour there! There are few mirrors to check out how things look. Also, you should use one of the trays they have available to carry your finds while browsing.

Who: Lee Angel Sample Sale
What: Jewelry from Lee Angel and various brands for up to 75% Off + $5 Bins!
When: August 24-27, 2009. Mon-Thurs 10am-6pm.
Where: 524 Broadway (nr Spring St). 6th Floor. Cash and Credit.


Shelly said...

wondering how many friends you have named shelly and hoping i'm the only one ;)

Erin said...

Hi lovely you are the only Shelly :) btw I have a nklace for you too! xo
ps I'm impressed you read it on the blog w/o me telling you!!!

Kelsey said...

I went to this sale last night around 5:30 and it was f.a.n.t.a.s.t.i.c.! I'm pretty sure I was all googly-eyed the entire time I was there. I'd say there was still a pretty healthy offering of all kinds of accessories. Things I bought: BR silver necklace with a big, chunky square bead, BR delicate white an gold necklace w/ tiny white stones, BR three-strand necklace of clear, nude colored beads, BCBG gold and clear bead earrings, BCBG grey three-strand necklace with three diamond shaped green stones. Sorry I don't have picks! I'm very tempted to go back again today...

Kelsey said...

Oh and the last thing I got was a BCBG gold and clear stone bracelet that looks really fancy. :)

Erin said...

glad to hear you got such amazing stuff Kelsey! I totally wanted to go back to get more stuff but it was a rough work week!

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