Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Inside Alexander McQueen Sample Sale (Sort of)

Image via Racked.com

Unfortunately I was feeling a bit under the weather today so I didn't make it to the Alexander McQueen sale like I had originally planned! But fortunately Racked.com did a great sale report. The sum up? The best deals were on the accessories. Handbags for $300, 80% off shoes that average $800 (size 8 the most prevalant but all sizes), $40 men's ties and $57 mens McQueen x Puma shoes.

They had a weird pricing system like Stella McCartney where it was 80% off prices that end in a "0" or "5" and 50% off prices that end in a "4" or "9"

No lines to enter but expect check out delays of 20-30 minutes....hope that they work it out when I hit the sale tomorrow am.

Full details and more photos on Racked.com and their 2nd report here.

Who: Alexander McQueen
What: ALEXANDER MCQUEEN <3!!! 80% off Spring 09 & previous season men’s and women’s ready-to-wear, shoes, bags and other accessories
Where: Metropolitan Pavillion, 125 West 18th St.
When: August 4-5, 2009. Tues-Wed 9am to 6pm

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