Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sample Sale Report: Doo.Ri

Stopped by the Doo.Ri Sample sale at lunch today and it was tiny but still pretty well stocked and relatively quiet and orderly. Sorry I missed some of the prices as I was in a super rush today with only 10 min to spare.

The space was clean and well lit but no changing area that I noticed only a sizable mirror that women were using for try ons.

Prices mostly under $400 for most part. Pretty pastels, signature draping and high quality merch made this sale a fun visit.

The most expensive pieces were the more formal clothing or newest clothing.
Dresses $350
Jackets $300
Tops/Pants $250

Spring 2009 was available in a plethora of bright pink shades but I wasn't able to grab the prices I think it was under $400 for most?

Fall Dresses were $275
Gowns $385

Current season shoes $200. Past season shoes $100. An assortment of boxes looked mostly untouched but sizes were mostly 37 and 38. There were also some 39-40. Unfortunately for me size 35 did not exist! Display shoes were not out.

Belts were also pretty affordable with Crystalized Belts $50 and Plain Belts $25.

There was a table of sweaters that I didn't really pay much attention to that included some chunky sweater vests. Bargain item to note? Knitted bra top $25

Pants were priced by color and material. Black being the most expensive because I suppose it's the most in demand?
Shorts or plaid pants $125
Draped or jersey pants $175
Black pants $195

There was a small amount of outerwear.

Samples were by far the cheapest and there was one rack all for under $100. Samples run between size 2-4.Spotted some woven and knit dresses, jersey pants, a cute canvas zip jacket. The shortest but super cute drapey skirt in the history of humanity! I mean it was really micro! And some uber plain tank tops.
Unfinished dress/jackets $75
Finished showroom samples $100
Bottoms $50
Tops $25

For stock, I noticed that size 6 seemed to be the most available size. Had I not already blown my budget for the month I definitely would be tempted to take a closer look at some of the samples and some of the beautiful blouses. Generally not dirt cheap but great value for many of the pieces.

Who: Doo.Ri Sample Sale
What: Dresses are $200 to $450, tops are $100 to $250, pants and skirts are $125 to $300, and gowns are less than $1000. Select shoes and knits are under $100.
Where:39 W 38th St near 5th Ave
When: July 23-24, 2009. Thurs-Fri 9am-6pm


Anonymous said...

Was there a line?

Kelly said...

You forgot to mention the Nicholas Kirkwood sample shoes at the sale for $150. Found out through Racked. I managed to snag two pairs at the last hour for $25 each!

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