Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sample Sale Report: Betsey Johnson

The Betsey Johnson sale was fairly busy when I stopped by after wok last night at 6:30 but it was manageable. There was no line to enter and no coat/bag check. The majority of people at the sale were crammed in the changing area or standing in line to pay for their goods.

Shoes were the first thing I saw at the sale and they have some additional sizes aside from what is on display but the majority of 37 and 38 is cleared out. What remains are 36, 40 and some size 39s. The Betseyville was $30 while signature Betsey Johnson was $40.

The sweaters were $35 but the tables lay almost completely bare. Make up bags were $10 for small, $15 for medium and $25 for large. I only saw one style of leopard print tote for $35. Closer to the accessories table was another box full of cosmetic cases for $7.

Swimwear was $25 for tops or bottoms but I could only see 5 bottoms bunched on a table. Accessories were available but nothing fabulous. Lucite necklaces or plastic beads were 15 to 25. Earrings $10, Bracelets $15. Perfume was available but people were blocking the table I'm guessing it was around $50?

Dresses as always were plentiful, but not as many as when sales were previously held on 37th Street! It's Betsey so bows, sequins, eyelet, tulle, lace, ruffles, crinolines, corseted details and leopard print were the commonplace. Pastel Cupcake sweetness with a bit of rocker girl edge! Not that many dresses looked "day" although they were categorized under it!

Day dresses $50
Evening dresses $75
Denim $30 but limited to some strange cropped jackets with skulls or skirts.

Worth checking out if you're looking for a frothy girly dress or have a 36 or 40 shoe size. If you are looking for handbags, sweaters or belts forget about it!


jennine said...

i am UNBELIEVABLY green with envy! weeping really...

Erin said...

Awww!!! didn't know you were a huge Betsey fan Jennine :) Don't be too envious, I'm on a budget after Stella & Wang so it was strictly a reporting visit!

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