Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sample Sale Report: Melissa

Stopped by the Melissa Sample Sale last night but only made it to the final few minutes! They close it 7pm and I made it there at 7pm and slipped into the building via a girl who was leaving the sale. Once inside, I thought I might have a hard time as a late comer, but staff did not say anything, nor were they rushing the shoppers inside to get out as they do at too many other sales in the city.

Prices ranged from $25-55! There were quite a few pairs of $25 shoes maybe 5 or 6 styles, although most pairs that caught my eye averaged $45.

Unfortunately there were not many left of the Vivienne Westwood Lady Dragon shoes with the plastic heart, which was the shoe of my desire. Only was able to find a black pair with the Orb logo in my size. The shoes also felt like they run slightly big and would require being worn with socks. There were plenty of other options in Vivienne Westwood, especially in the Mary Jane style at $50 and the 3 Strap which I believe was $45.

As for other designer options I picked up a pair of Alexander Herchcovitch's Joy black and white oxfords. I've always had a fascination with spectator style shoes, and as I reported previously that Mannish Loafers are a growing trend I was happy to pick up a pair for $45. At Save Fashion, they only had the black ones in my size! Unfortunately at the sale these were the first shoes to go and currently there is only a size 5 black and a size 6 black/white left! However plenty of Scarfun Summer's left!

Def worth a look if you're a fan of Melissa's comfy Jellies! Sizes vary but start at 35 (which is a bit more like a 35.5) to 41/42. Most of the shoes seemed to be in sizes 36-39. Sale was spacious, pretty well organized and employees seemed friendly.


SimplyAin said...


i have been wanting a pair of melissa shoes for sometime now but havent been willing to shell out the cash for them

and this would have been the perfect time to get myself a pair but life gets in the way

one day i tell day

Milky said...

I went 12:00 on the first day and got two styles of campana shoes for $25 & $45.
Always appreciate for your ss info.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info! Can I ask if you happened to see any scarfun wedges there? Here's a pic of what they look like. I used to have a pair I wore everyday, but eventually I broke them and I've been looking for a replacement pair ever since.

Erin said...

Simply Ain! I'm sure that one day your Melissa's will come :)

Milky, glad you picked up some great deals!

I did see the Scarfun wedges, I don't remember the price because they didn't have my size so I was a bit bummed;)

Anonymous said...

What size are you? (I'm a 5 so I expect I won't have much luck there.)

Sugar Rock Catwalk said...

I'm a 35 too! Sorry I didn't see this in time. I'm a true 35, and Melissa's run slightly big, so the fit really depends shoe to shoe! I feel more confident wearing ones with laces or straps.

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