Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sample Sale Report: Mackage

Stopped by the Mackage/Soia & Kyo Sale after work today and it was pretty busy, but merch was still pretty organized. Apparently not near the intensity of the lunch crowd today where people had to line up to get inside. My advice? Avoid the hours of noon-2pm if possible!

In case you don't already know Mackage is a Canadian designed outerwear company that's distinctive style has been spotted on numerous celebs. Once you see a Mackage jacket, it's a look that you don't quickly forget. They are known mostly for their wool jackets featuring leather trim and dramatic shaped collars, great buttons and fitted silhouettes. As much as I love their designs, I've personally opted for their sister line Soia and Kyo that offers more affordable options sans the luxe leather detailing. It's a little more youthful with whimsical details like oversized plastic buttons. One of my fave features is the high collars that block alot of wind especially on days you've forgotten your scarf!

If you are in the market for a wool coat for next year there are only a handful left in varying styles and sizes (less than 8 jackets).

However, if you are looking for a trench coat or leather jacket this is definitely the sale for you! So many colors and styles available! They said that they pulled from stock so all sizes should be available but most of the sizes that we spotted were either XS or S. Other sizes were there but not widely available in all styles on hand.

Some of the men's available at the sale.
Altogether there were about 9 racks of womens jackets and 3 racks of men, but not too many men shopping.

Prices as I saw were pretty much 50% Off retail and as follows:
Soia & Kyo trenches for $140, leather jackets/bombers for $200-235.
Mackage Men's Trenches $300, leather jackets for $375
Mackage Women's Nylon Track Jacket $95-140, Leather Jackets $320-335. Trench Coat with Leather Trim $215.

Additionally, if you are in the market for some adorable sandals this summer Candela NYC had quite a few in varying sizes mostly in the range of 36-39. Shoes in the beige box were $80 while shoes in the white boxes were $40. There were some fun perforated leather bootie sandals that Lani loved, while I was all about the cute rainbow sandal :)

Candela had some clothes available to in soft pastel tones but I was too distracted by the shoes to pay much notice!

In addition there were a handful of some varied styles of shoes from Costume National and Miu Miu that I'm thinking they must have used for models in a photo shoot that are size 9 or 10 and selling for around $200-235.

Who: Mackage, Soia & Kyo Spring/Summer 2009 and Fall/Winter 2008 Sample Sale
What: Everything is 50% off retail. Leather jackets and trenches originally $500 and up are now $300 and below.
When: May 18 - 19 @ 12-7pm . Cash Only
Where: 275 W 39th St, 7th floor (b/n 7th & 8th Ave)

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