Tuesday, May 19, 2009

dupli-CAUGHT Mogil vs. Urban Outfitters

Mogil Coeur, $198 vs
Deena & Ozzy/Urban Outfitters, $38

Both cute gladiator sandals with zippers down the front. The difference is in the quality and the details. I've seen the pair at Urban Outfitters in real life, and they were cute from afar but up close they were noticeably cheap in quality. The zipper, pleather, and poor stitching made them look like a pair of shoes from Forever 21.

The original Mogil pair is made with suede and has three side straps; the pair at Urban as mentioned above are pleather and have four straps. Also what appears to be a thicker ankle strap on the Mogil pair is actually a series of three well-placed straps.

I'm not saying you should drop $198 on sandals, but I am saying Urban Outfitters may be stealing "inspiration".

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